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Hire Ruby on Rails Developers
  • Server Config:Ruby 1.8.7, Rails 2.3.8, Ruby 1.9 , Rails 3.0+ , Apache + Passenger, Ngnix, RVM, rubygems
  • Testing Environments:Rspec, cucumber, Unit testing in rails
  • BackendMysql, postgresSQL, NoSQL,MongoDB
  • Platform:Heroku, Amazon Cloud, Rackspace
  • VersioningGithub, SVN
  • Development MethodologyStrictly AGILE

Specialized Ruby on Rails development service offers :
  • Ruby on Rails Custom Application Development
  • Ruby on Rails Web Portal Development
  • Ruby on Rails Web 2.0 Development
  • Ruby on Rails CMS
  • Ruby on Rails eCommerce Applications
  • Ruby on Rails Installation
  • Ruby on Rails Migration
  • Ruby on Rails Layout Design
  • Ruby on Rails Hosting
  • Ruby on Rails Maintenance and Upgradation
  • Ruby on Rails Testing
  • Hire Ruby on Rails Developer
Neosoft is leading Software company with experience and expertise in designing, developing and deploying solutions using Ruby on Rails . Our Ruby on rails development team is highly qualified and follows high quality standards in order to deliver simple, logical and most reliable, high quality solutions to our global clients. We blend the power of Agile Development with Ruby on Rails to deliver industry standard web applications.

Neosoft Technologies offers ROR Application Development to customers worldwide in India, UK, USA, Canada, Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong & Australia.

We have expertise in developing highly interactive, quality, efficient, affordable and reliable ROR development & applications
  • Our ROR experts have extensive experience in Linux / Windows, Apache / Thin / Unicorn / Pushion, MySQL / Mongo, ROR & AJAX / Ext Js
  • We have effectively completed a number of web programming projects using ROR framework
  • Expertise in serving iPhone / iPad and desktop applications to clients through ROR web services
  • We provide web-based Content Management System for websites using ROR framework

Domain expertise :

arrow  Content Management
arrow  ROR Websites
arrow  Shopping Cart solution
arrow  Blogs
arrow  Online Polls/Surveys
arrow  Widget development
arrow  Social Networking solutions
arrow  eCommerce sites

ROR Programming Skill Sets :

arrow  Web based interactive solutions with AJAX
arrow  Expertise in developing applications involving social networking and map integration
arrow  Expertise in serving PDA, iPhone and desktop application clients through web services
arrow  Behavior Driven Development using rspec
arrow  Rails deployment and hosting in Amazon EC2 and using Phusion Passenger
arrow  Custom XML Parser and Ruby Crawler class implementation
arrow  Content Management system for websites
arrow  Porting application from other technologies
arrow  Mongo mapper class implementation
arrow  Twitter, Facebook integration
arrow  Solr, Vertical, faceted search implementation

Key advantages to ROR: :

arrow   Speedier completion of projects, given the considerable decrease in the code lengths and volume.
arrow  Work moves at a smoother pace, with fewer debugging pressure on the programmer.
arrow  Independent threading facility, irrespective of the operating system and the highly portable nature that enhances the user-friendly nature of Ruby.
arrow  Database access is made more efficient and simpler with the help of most efficient database access libraries in Rails, called the Active records.
arrow  Includes advanced application development paradigms like DRY (Dont Repeat Yourself) and Convention over configuration.
arrow  It follows Agile Software Development Cycle.

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