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Mumbai (India) office

Corporate office and Offshore Development Center (ODC)

750+ workstations for software development, testing and support facilities. High-end workstations, cards and infrastructure for professional Multimedia work. We can also help customers bring their equipment into India for development related activities.

In-house Training
In-house staff training facility to train 20 people at a time with LCD Projector, and other interactive tools. Online Training is also possible using Video Conferencing.

Internet Connectivity

We have a dedicated leased lines from the leading ISP's for our development facility supported by a backup cable links.

Dedicated Servers for application Hosting, Testing and Client presentation in our own US data center.

For websites and application hosting, testing, client presentation and for sensitive data storage, we have our own servers in the US having multiple OC3 connectivity and all the latest Firewall installed.

We have an internal hosting server on Public IP for our clients to view the status of their development work at any phase of their development cycle thereby providing complete transparency in our facility.

Communication Infrastructure

  • We use VOIP based phones to talk to our clients with local US numbers.
  • We use online collaboration tools like WebEx and GoToMeeting for online demo, training, user acceptance and collaboration.
  • We have video conferencing facility for interaction of our team with our clients globally.
  • 24 x 7 Voice over IP calling facility is available our clients globally for long discussions on projects.
  • Most of our office team members are available on instant messengers making our team more accessible to our clients than their own team on a separate floor of the same building. Refer to client speak for what our clients say about our accessibility and speed of responding to their needs.
  • We have our own Instant Messaging servers so that client information remains secure between the client and our teams.
Emergency and Disaster Recovery

The physical infrastructure at all our development facilities has been planned so that practically nothing is left to chance. All foreseeable contingencies have been taken into consideration and consequently have been planned for.

Accessibility and Security

Depending upon the importance of an area and the services within, different types of physical and access restrictions have been imposed within the development centers.

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