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Why choose Neosoft for J2ME application development?
  • 16+ years of experience in J2ME mobile application development
  • Expert team of developers with average experience of 5+ years.
  • Continuous and prompt help and support.
  • Option to hire J2ME developers
J2ME based Mobile Application Development Services Industry Solutions Catered:
  • Entertainment
  • Information Technology
  • Travel and Hospitality
  • Finance and Insurance
  • Real Estate
  • Fitness and Healthcare
  • Agriculture
  • Education
Convenience and accessibility at your fingertips
Neosoft has strong experience in developing J2ME mobile/wireless applications, enterprise database access software and cell-phone games. We develop various kinds of applications that can be developed to address the needs of varied businesses. We provide offshore development and Outsourcing services based on several years of experience in executing projects in Mobile Application Development using J2ME. Our J2ME Developers have proficient expertise in creating applications, testing in a simulator and porting to mobile devices.
J2ME Development Technologies: Our J2ME application development team is highly skilled in technologies needed for custom application development.

  • Technology: CLDC/CDC and MIDP Framework, J2MEPolish, Blackberry Framework
  • Tools:Netbeans, Eclipse, J2MEPolish Eclipse Plug In, Sun Wireless Toolkit, Nokia Series 40, Series 60and Series 80 Emulators, Sony Ericssion Emulators, Blackberry IDE, Blackberry Device Emulaton

J2ME App Development Services:
  • Record storage/distribution management
  • Mobile Media API (JSR-135) to control camera, microphone, network connection as well as other mobile phone multimedia components
  • Code Sign Certificates to prioritize application functions without giving rise to repetitive permission requests
  • Wireless Messaging API (JSR-120) to enable SMS communications
  • Push Registry to begin the operation on demand
  • HTTP Connections to facilitate phone-to-server communications
  • J2ME Web Services APIs
  • Security and Trust Services API for J2ME
  • PDA Profile for J2ME (JSR-75)
Our J2ME Application Testers & Developers:
  • Our J2ME app developers and testers are well-equipped to handle the latest J2ME application development processes as they are well updated about the new emerging trends in the J2ME market.
  • Our J2ME app developers and testers have undergone training which enables them to come up with the best app development for J2ME. Our main forte is our user-friendly J2ME applications that can be operated by anybody.
  • It is easily accessible on GSM and CDMA handsets.
  • It is supported by the major phone manufactures such as Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sony-Ericsson, Blackberry and many more.
  • J2ME supported wireless phones comprise over 80 percent of all handsets.
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