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ODC Overview
What is an ODC?
An Offshore Development Center or ODC is a dedicated development center located in India for software development, testing and support activity. The purpose behind an ODC is to take advantages of the technological know-how available in India, cost advantages and the reduced time to market.

We can assist a Client in setting up an Offshore Development Center, wherein the ODC, to start with, will run under our company. We assist in the operations of the ODC, providing the resources for development work, managing the ODC and complete lifecycle of Software Development. This frees the client from worry of the day-to-day operations of the ODC.

Our ODC service provides a well managed, low risk path to set up your own offshore development center in India without upfront capital investment.

Here's how it works:
    ODCODCWe jumpstart your operations using our ready infrastructure in India. We hire team members as per your specific requirements.
  • Understand immediate/longtem goals
  • Decide initial Team size, Scaling goals
  • Hire initial team
  • Begin Knowledge transfer
  • Set up access to development resources via VPN or direct link
    OperateWe set up processes for remote development in such a way that the offshore team integrates tightly with your core development team. After initial processes have been setup, we ramp up the team to the desired strength.
  • Set up processes for dual shore development
  • Deliver first few projects
  • Scale up to final team size
    TransferOnce you are convinced that the offshore model works, we help you incorporate your company in India, set up independent facilities for you and transfer all the people to this company.
  • Register subsidiary
  • Regulatory compliances
  • Locate and set up facilities, communications links
  • Transfer people



With our ODC approach, you can

Conserve cash, while continuing to innovate

You don't have to invest any capital to get the offshore team started. At the same time, we ODC a team that integrates tightly with your own core development team and shares its goals and visions.

Leverage our proven experience

Our management team has proven experience in setting up offshore development centers for US based software product companies. You can leverage this experience to minimize risks in setting up your own offshore development center. (See Why Neosoft Technologies)

Retain full Management Control

With a dedicated team, you have the flexibility to manage and reallocate resources between tasks as per your needs.

Get the right people to work for you

All members of the offshore development center are hired specifically as per your requirements. As opposed to outsourcing (where you would have to pick up members from a pool of available consultants), this approach ensures that all team members possess the required domain experience and have been screened for a team fit.

Jump start your operations

By using our ready facilities, you eliminate the time required for setting up your initial infrastructure and communication links.

Get increased productivity

Team members hired for your offshore development center are not moved to other customer teams. This ensures that you continue to get maximum productivity after the initial domain knowledge transfer.

Free up your executive team

We take full responsibility for setting up and running your offshore development center. Your executive team can continue to focus on things that matter most - exploring new revenue streams, serving customers and coming up with newer products.

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