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Remote Infrastructure Management

Remote Managed Services - Running the Infrastructure

Neosoft's Mumbai network operation centers (NOCs) is the cornerstone of our service delivery architecture. This state-of-the-art facilities highlight Neosoft's rigorous standards of full redundancy, high availability, and uncompromising security. Our comprehensive range of remote infrastructure management services give our customers the ability to reduce costs and improve service levels. Customers can implement a complete remote service desk solution or simply start with remote monitoring for a portion of their network, a select site, or a group of servers. Additional remote infrastructure management services can easily be added as needs change.

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Remote Monitoring

Neosoft provides automated, continuous, 24x7 availability and performance monitoring of the client's environment. We monitor IT components and transactions for specific events, threshold violations and errors/faults, based on pre-defined metrics. Our remote monitoring service automatically notifies the customer or designated service provider when events defined by the customer are detected.

Remote Infrastructure Management

Neosoft's remote infrastructure management solution goes beyond 24x7 monitoring to include proactive problem identification and resolution. Built-in root cause analysis helps to identify and automatically fix potential problems before performance is affected. Our remote infrastructure management solution will automatically carry out clients' pre-specified instructions to fix problems such as restarting sluggish servers and the applications that reside on them without human intervention.

Remote Operations

Neosoft's remote operations service combines our remote infrastructure management capabilities with the power of service level management to deliver the quality of service your business demands - guaranteed! Our remote operations solution automates the process of IT infrastructure administration, including patch management. Neosoft can manage maintenance schedules and administrative tasks such as resource assignments and notification options, depending on the level of service desired.

Remote Service Desk

Neosoft's remote service desk solution provides complete 24x7 help desk coverage - from call management to service request tracking to problem ticket management to change request management. Our remote service desk is a cost-effective alternative to in-house service desk applications. During implementation, Neosoft works with clients to complete a series of templates and workflow definitions to establish fully functioning trouble ticketing and detailed service reporting enabling IT organizations to validate their service level agreements.

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