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Rich Internet Applications
Our Rich Internet Application skill set includes
  • Adobe Flash
  • Adobe Flex
  • Microsoft® Silverlight
  • AJAX
  • WebORB
  • Flash Media Server
Our RIA services enable organizations to effectively communicate their ideas, products and services to their clients. These innovative solutions give the organizations a competitive advantage, allowing them to focus on other core business activities. Our expertise can help create a bridge between the legacy applications and the enhanced interfaces as per the client's expectations. We offer unique approach, competitive pricing, quick turn-around time and valuable customer service which has enabled us to successfully position at the pinnacle of the industry.

What are Rich Internet Applications ?

Rich Internet Application is a web application resembling the features of a desktop application. These web applications differ from the conventional web applications in numerous ways. RIA enable effective communication between you and your clients. RIA applications include several features which counter the disadvantages of traditional websites. RIA enhances the data performance as the server communication is minimized to a great extent. This helps in saving a lot of time when browsing the website. That coupled with stunning visuals, rich graphics and state-of-the-art backend integration, provides a much better user experience across the verticals.
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