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Web 2.0
Our Experience
  • Cascading style sheet to allow users to control website content presentation and separation
  • XHTML &HTML markups validated semantically
  • Syndication, aggregation ¬ification of data in RSS or Atom feeds
  • Web log publishing tools, wikis or forums, instant messengers etc
  • Websites with Collaborative tagging, social classification, social indexing and social tagging can be developed
  • XML, JavaScript based APIs can be used for website development
  • Completely dynamic and interactive website development using Open source technologies and rich internet applications
Web 2.0 standards are being accepted across the globe to facilitate creativity, information sharing, collaboration among web users in the World Wide Web technology and web design. Web 2.0 has lead to the concept of new generation for web oriented communities like social-networking sites, Wikis, Blogs, and folksonomies.

Due to increasing technology evolution, Web 2.0 infrastructure includes server - software, content - syndication, messaging - protocols, standard - oriented browsers with plug-ins &extension &various client - applications.

Neosoft Technologies has adopted Web 2.0 standards for development of website and web application based on Microsoft's .NET, J2EE, LAMP and Rich Internet Applications like AJAX, Adobe Flash, Flex, Java and Silverlight.

Neosoft Technologies programmers have adopted Web 2.0 features/techniques for website development for its strong client base across USA, UK, Europe, South Africa and Asia etc.

Neosoft Technologies has employed proficient and experienced programmers to facilitate scalable software development with Web 2.0 compliant standards
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