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Why Neosoft's ODC
Hire a Dedicated Developer in India

Our model allows you to hire a dedicated resource out of our pool of talented developers.


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"Product Focus, Strong Teams, Proven Experience"

Neosoft Technologies Software was established specifically to cater to software product companies wanting to take up dual shore product development.

We ensure success of your venture though our

Product Focus
All our customers are software product companies (ISV's). Our teams are tuned to working in an environment of aggressive release schedules and evolving product specifications (See Why is this important?)

Strong Teams
We hire the best so that you get consistent quality of deliverables on time every time. We do this by restricting hiring of developers to graduates from the top 15 engineering schools in India. We ensure that these developers have experience in working on the technologies used by your product, and possess excellent communications skills - oral and written. (See Developers at Neosoft Technologies)

Proven Experience

Our past experience has given us deep insight into developing processes needed to overcome cultural, communications and time-zone barriers in different areas of operations. You can leverage this experience to ensure success of your offshore development center.

Experience with diverse areas of operations

Apart from product development, we have managed teams working in technical support, professional services, documentation, remote network and security administration and other back office activities. Once you have successfully setup your offshore development center, you can extend its operations to include other business functions and leverage your offshore presence further.

Knowledge of local laws and conditions

We know what it takes to establish and operate a business in India. This includes our familiarity with business practices and statutory compliances required by various governmental agencies as well as local vendor management.

Partner with us to assure success

It is hard enough to set up a high quality product development team. Setting it up half way across the globe is still more difficult.

What you need is a trusted partner who understands the way your product development team works, and is capable of setting up an offshore team that inculcates your culture and way of working.

At Neosoft Technologies, we hope to fill in that role and be part of your long term success.

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